Discover and develop your talent


For more information about our music courses, visit the EMA site – Alameda Music School-. In it we cover many different programs aimed at talent development. Our official music school also offers the opportunity to take an elementary music course.


Robotics and programming are the most promising areas for the future work force according to today’s estimations. This activity is meant to develop logical thinking and to promote curiosity about programming and 3D design.


Our students work on written and oral communication skills as well as learn about photographic and video techniques, all while they write articles, reports and news which are all published at “Distrito 21” and at a web where audiovisuals and photography are protagonists.

Magic New!

Students will learn to use close-up magic, cards, coins and manipulation among other techniques. No previous knowledge nor special skill is necessary. Props we will be using are common household items such as cards, paper, clips, pens, etc.


Learning to understand others, developing imagination and communication skills are some of its main objectives, which will undoubtedly aid students in their personal discovery and environmental awareness.


This extracurricular activity gives students the chance to experiment and get to know the visual arts. They will learn different techniques and develop their creativity.

Oratory and debate

This activity is all about skills and tools related to the art of public speaking, developing well-structured speeches or presentations and the ability to argue and counter-argue in public debates on a variety of contemporary subjects.

Kids Club

Learning languages in a natural and playful way is an essential piece of our infants’ education since it fulfills their interests and needs. Activities are done with an inclusive methodology based on cooperative learning and interaction among equals.

Club D´enfants

Fun activities based on the love of learning and using French through stories, poetry, games and traditional songs.

Language Club

Language Club is an option in which French (Monday’s) and English (Wednesday’s) can be combined through the “Au pays des Merveilles” and “Discover Robotics” activities.

Funny Science

Teaching science from a very early age allows children to learn basic scientific skills through experimentation and games, discovering the “how’s” and “why’s” of the world around them. It also awakens their interest in natural phenomena and the world in a fun way and in English.

Discover Robotics

The main purpose of this activity is to introduce children to technology in an entertaining way. Students will work in teams, developing skills such as problem solving, while they learn English, and all of it through innovative and fun activities.

English in Action

This year, as in past years, extracurricular English activities fall under the “English in Action” umbrella. This includes activities aimed at students from a pragmatic point of view. Students learn quicker if they work with “reality”. Using real and tangible objects helps students connect to the language on a different level.

Au Pays des merveilles

This is an activity in which students will create their own story with their texts and illustrations throughout the school year, using a variety of visual art techniques.

Interacting Theatre Academy New!

Through games, improvisation techniques and text scenes, we will discover different expression tools that constitute theatrical language. We will focus on basic techniques used by actors, but we will also discover and try other fundamental roles in theatrical creation (direction, scenography, illumination, sound…). During the second half of the year, we will prepare a small piece which will be presented at the end of the school year.

Social Entrepreneurship New!

Would you like to make new friends from different European nationalities and have a solidary and international experience? Our European exchange programs turn our students into “Young Entrepreneurs” and they will develop their own project during the school year. All their hard work will end in a trip co-financed by the European Erasmus Plus program.

“Français en action”

By following the same methodology as in “English in Action”, we have developed “Français en Action”, activities aimed at developing comprehension and expression in the French language, through development of manipulation, creative, exploration and experimentation skills. L’artisanat, le théâtre, le chat et la cuisine sont “Français en Action”.

Language exam preparation

During the school year we offer continuous training for Cambridge exams, Oxford Test of English or French DELF/DALF.