Guidance Department

Personalized monitoring for each student

We improve learning, with individualized care in all aspects: academic, social and family.

We work with students, families and teachers with the sole objective of improving their learning process, adapting to their characteristics and maximizing their personal skills development.

Supporting students

We focus on prevention, attention and early intervention of possible difficulties that may come up during the learning process.

Personalized attention

Each student is unique which is why attention given is also unique. Evaluation and intervention are programmed with each student’s personal characteristics and needs.

Supporting families

We maintain a close collaborative relationship with families to promote complete student development, through personal interviews, Parents School and specialized conferences.

Help-among-equals Program

Students chosen by their classmates are trained in conflict resolution so they can become “Helping Students”, creating a network of mutual help and promoting civility at school.

Social Skills Workshop

Social interaction skills are developed throughout childhood and adolescence. They learn strategies for future relationships at these stages. That is why we offer Social Skills workshops in small groups and we work with tutors in development of emotional education activities for class.

Emotional Education

We promote essential values for our students’ personal development through emotional management and responsible education activities. Students develop skills important for self-esteem and emotional regulation in a fun way.

We are there for all our students, keeping in mind their individual differences.

This way, we strengthen our educational quality and promote our students’ development and skills. We design and carry out a variety of support programs adapted to each stage’s needs and characteristics.

We promote the student’s development of social skills and essential values through responsible education based on emotional intelligence programs, and civic coexistence.