Our educational stages

From Infants to Baccalaureate

Our school teaches at all educational stages

Infants (2- 6 years old), Primary education, Secondary education and Baccalaureate (Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences modalities) and Dual Baccalaureate (American-Spanish).

Our students start learning English and French at 2 years old, with instruction in these languages accounting for half of the school day.

Personalized attention is one of our priorities. Tutors and teachers maintain permanent communication with parents. The Educational Guidance Department helps plan our student’s professional future.

Alameda de Osuna is an accredited school using cutting edge instruction methodologies, based on the most advanced neuroscience educational research, which promote critical thinking throughout all our stages.

Our stage directors:

Enrique Escandón


Laura Rivas

Infants Director

César Prieto

Primary Director

Germán Tenorio

Secondary and Baccalaureate Director