Promoting healthy habits


Basketball promotes basic and specific motor skill development. As a team sport, it promotes basic values such as respect, team spirit, effort, commitment, humility and generosity.


Skating is a peculiar activity compared to other sports, since movement is done by sliding, which makes balance and coordination essential. In their first stages, students learn basic motor skills through fun and games.


We develop our players focusing on, and teaching, the values related to a team sport such as this, such as achievement, effort, respect, generosity, cooperation, perseverance, team spirit and team work.


Swimming is the most complete and healthy sport. It contributes to physical, mental and social health since it improves the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Judo and self-defense

Benefits of judo are diverse both motor skills wise and psychologically: it develops basic motor skills, promotes locomotor system development, students learn to know and master their own body and it improves decision making skills.

This year we will also offer our Secondary students self-defense activities in which they will not only learn techniques but also to be good people and to help others.


Handball promotes physical, psychological and social effort in athletes, as well as it allows for socializing in a healthy environment.


Multisport is a continuation of sports initiation and a step before practicing a specific sport. In this activity, we will be introducing rules and we will strive to strengthen physical skills and specific sport skills.


Paddle is an ideal sport for initiation in the racket sports since space is reduced and groups are small. It’s a family friendly sport too which allows family games to complement classes.

Modern Dance

Modern dance is a way to express and liberate our emotions and mental states through music, movement, rhythm and space. It develops coordination, both individual and group, spatial and temporal memory, as well as emotional intelligence. All of it is reinforced through self-control, creativity, effort and commitment.


We develop individual and group coordination, special and temporal memory as well as socio-emotional intelligence. All of it through self-control, creativity, effort and commitment.

Salsa and Bachata New!

Dance is a multi-benefit sport regarding physical health, such as agility, flexibility or movement coordination as well as psychological health, brain-training and improving memory.

Rhythmic gymnastics

Gymnastics promotes basic motor skill development, self-knowledge, coordination and team work.

Figure skating

This activity offers the best fundamentals for athletes. Benefits of this sport are plenty since children must develop necessary concentration to coordinate their whole body.

Volley ball

Volley ball is one of the most complete exercises. This sport promotes balance, precision and symmetry. It offers the benefits of a team sport as well as attention and team work.

Fit 4 fun

At early stages it is very important to promote good psychomotor development, internalizing the body diagram, defining laterality and, in sum, affording self-awareness to the child.


Chess is an ancient game in which the following skills are developed: concentration, memory, logical mathematical reasoning, problem solving and decision making, self-esteem, achievement, thinking, planning and preventing.